Power of Storytelling

Power of Storytelling

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Paper Ghosts Review: POS-24
March 26, 2020

"Never say good-bye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting."  J. M. Barrie Pan - The main character & the narrator of the story has become obsessed with her sisters’ disappearance and death.

The Disappearance of Robin Murat Review: POS023
January 08, 2020

"Sometimes you have to trust your gut.....sometimes that's all you have left." - - Gerald has written another epic mystery in the Carson Reno Mystery series, The Disappearance of Robin Murat. This author has the talent of keeping his readers wanting m...

Switch: Interview with Allen Kent- POS 022
September 22, 2019

“ I fear we have become too "intellectually sophisticated" to allow for what seems impossible and, as a result, have lost some of our ability to dream, imagine, and accept the possibility of what we can't explain or understand could be "magical.

Altered Grace: Interview with A. Tacked- POS21
August 03, 2019

“The book was written primarily to give HOPE. I know that I’m not the only person who has struggled. Perhaps not the same way as others. Unfortunately, I know that we were not alone to be raised by the type of parents that we were raised with.” A.

The Librarian: Interview with Christy Sloat- POS20
July 01, 2019

"This one is for readers everywhere and the librarians who help us discover the magic in books." Christy Sloat - We first meet Emme, the main character, at Berkley University in California. Emme is a typical 19-year-old girl who not only illustrates a...

The Mor: Review by Michelle & Amaris- POS 19
April 17, 2019

"Destroy the seed of evil, or it will group up to your ruin." Aesop - The Mor is a science fiction novel written by Steve Soderquist. He has written and published five novels, one novella and a children's short story of his own. He has edited,

Lack of Candor Review: POS-18
April 07, 2019

“Life is Cheap-make sure you buy enough." Carson Reno  - Lack of Candor is the 18th story in the Carson Reno series written by Gerald W. Darnell. The main character, Carson Reno, is a private detective with an office located in the lobby of the Peabod...

The House on Hurley Pond Road- Review with Michelle & Amaris: POS- 17
March 12, 2019

“I decided to write this novel after taking note of the high level of interest that the public was displaying towards nearly all paranormal topics these days. Tales of ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings are talked about freely without any consequence o...

Lt. Reilly 2321: Interview with Matthew O. Duncan- POS 16
March 09, 2019

" I realized that I wasn't writing a short story. I was writing a novel & I was LOVING it!" Matthew O. Duncan - Matt not only talks about his book, Lt. Reilly 2321, but also gives inspirational advice to authors.

Lt Reilly-2321: POS- 15
February 24, 2019

“ Writing had never been a real money maker for me, more of an escape and a dream of one day having million people love my work and seeing stories on the big screen starring Hollywood’s best, yet life gets in the way.” Matthew Duncan -