Power of Storytelling

Power of Storytelling

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Hell’s Gate Review: POS 27
July 05, 2020

"The eleven with 3 are none without one- Scattered are they that open the gate. The power of god awaits he who walks through" Hell's Gate - Ernest Dumpsey, the author of Hell's Gate, has written over 40 books. With his art of historical creativity,

Agent of Time Review- POS 26
May 31, 2020

“I wanted to write an adventure story where time travel wasn’t just a way to get a character to a different time once or twice, but it was able to be used constantly to solve problems.” Nathan Van Coops -

Weave A Web of Witchcraft-Interview with Jean M. Roberts; POS- 025
April 29, 2020

" Felt like the fly trapped in the spider's web" Hugh Parsons (Character) - Readers will take a journey back to the life of the 1600s in this historical fiction story. The story begins with High Parsons' life being controlled by his parents.

Paper Ghosts Review: POS-24
March 26, 2020

"Never say good-bye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting."  J. M. Barrie Pan - The main character & the narrator of the story has become obsessed with her sisters’ disappearance and death.

The Disappearance of Robin Murat Review: POS023
January 08, 2020

"Sometimes you have to trust your gut.....sometimes that's all you have left." - - Gerald has written another epic mystery in the Carson Reno Mystery series, The Disappearance of Robin Murat. This author has the talent of keeping his readers wanting m...

Switch: Interview with Allen Kent- POS 022
September 22, 2019

“ I fear we have become too "intellectually sophisticated" to allow for what seems impossible and, as a result, have lost some of our ability to dream, imagine, and accept the possibility of what we can't explain or understand could be "magical.

Altered Grace: Interview with A. Tacked- POS21
August 03, 2019

“The book was written primarily to give HOPE. I know that I’m not the only person who has struggled. Perhaps not the same way as others. Unfortunately, I know that we were not alone to be raised by the type of parents that we were raised with.” A.

The Librarian: Interview with Christy Sloat- POS20
July 01, 2019

"This one is for readers everywhere and the librarians who help us discover the magic in books." Christy Sloat - We first meet Emme, the main character, at Berkley University in California. Emme is a typical 19-year-old girl who not only illustrates a...

The Mor: Review by Michelle & Amaris- POS 19
April 17, 2019

"Destroy the seed of evil, or it will group up to your ruin." Aesop - The Mor is a science fiction novel written by Steve Soderquist. He has written and published five novels, one novella and a children's short story of his own. He has edited,

Lack of Candor Review: POS-18
April 07, 2019

“Life is Cheap-make sure you buy enough." Carson Reno  - Lack of Candor is the 18th story in the Carson Reno series written by Gerald W. Darnell. The main character, Carson Reno, is a private detective with an office located in the lobby of the Peabod...