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204: A Girl Thing
June 28, 2016

Cooper and Olivia try ambushing a woman into a date with another woman in the hope she'll realize she's a lesbian in this edition of "Black Tie Nights." In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble receives their scripts only after...

203: Beauty and the Beach
June 21, 2016

In this episode of "Black Tie Nights," nerdy Ryan returns in a bid to become Cooper and Olivia's assistant. And a famous surfer dude ditches his groupies to find love with an older woman. In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble...

202: Naughty and Nice
June 14, 2016

In this episode of "Black Tie Nights," Cooper and Olivia try to hire an assistant for their matchmaking service and a famous soap opera star gets a date with a huge nerd. In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble receives their...

201: Date and Switch
June 07, 2016

It's time for a brand new series. We're now following "Black Tie Nights." In the first episode, "Date and Switch," Olivia tries to get over the grief of her dead husband while Cooper plays matchmaker in the least efficient way possible. In Porn Minus...

Hotel Exotica
May 31, 2016

In Hotel Exotica, a woman tries to salvage her terrible marriage with a meathead lawyer. Her sister looks to rebound after a breakup with her weird artist boyfriend. Romance, hallucinations, psychic encounters and a lingerie fashion show await the...

123: Happy Endings
May 24, 2016

In the Season One "Life on Top" finale, Sophie decides whether to take a new job in New York or move to Las Vegas to play poker for a living, Cassia prepares to open her own restaurant and Maya finally gets another shot at kickboxing. In Porn Minus...

122: All In
May 17, 2016

This is the single dumbest script we've ever done.  Sophie must decide if she'll follow Ty on a lifetime poker quest, Cassia must choose whether to start her own restaurant or stay at Cafe Delices,  Bella's rich douche ex-boyfriend Tom cooks...

121: Growing Pains
May 10, 2016

Bella battles her existential crisis by sitting naked in a bathtub with her friends, and Cassia gets some unexpected help with her dream of opening her own restaurant  In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble receives their...

120: Birthday Suit
May 03, 2016

Bella's friends plan an incredibly stupid surprise birthday party for her, Maya and D make up, Bella hooks up separately with her old flame Andre and her best friend Cassia, and Avi tries to make amends for sexually harassing Sophie by throwing a...

119: Blame It On Brazil
April 26, 2016

Sophie gets her crotch waxed for the first time and finallyplays some realpoker (two entire hands!), Bella provesherself to be a photography prodigy and Maya deals with someserious sexual frustrat