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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
May 09, 2022

The Multiverse of Madness is finally upon us! Patrick Geraghty, an old friend of the podcast, joins us this episode as we finally get to talk about the strangest MCU installment yet!

M&M (Moon Knight & *dry heave* Morbius)
April 07, 2022

Moon Knight is UPON US! We break down the premiere episode of the highly anticipated first foray into the MCU's dark underworld.and then yeah, we also unfortunately talk about Morbius (boo) and holy

March News-Cast
March 28, 2022

Not much going on since we last podcasted so we break down some news from over the last month and talk about what weve been watching.Spider-Man crosses $600 million domestically, the Morbius (boo)

The Batman (ft. Carsen Greene of Movie Mavens)
March 07, 2022

Simply: The Batman.But also we have Carsen Greene from The Movie Mavens Podcast on the show today to help us break down why (or if?) this iteration of The Dark Knight is the best one yet.Follow M

Peacemaker & Book of Boba Finales
March 01, 2022

Two shows, two finales, but only one of them doesn't suck. We don't want to point fingers, but there's a reason we demoted Book of Boba Fett from the main topic originally... Book of Boba Fett tries h

Peacemaker & Book of Boba Fett Eps 5-6
February 07, 2022

We come back to continue reviewing this season of Peacemaker AND The Book of Boba Fett got so damn good that we had to make it a main topic again kudos to them & Bryce Dallas Howard specifically.

Scream & Peacemaker 1-4
January 22, 2022

"My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at meeeeee"That's right, Scream is back in theaters and it's evenmoremeta than Matrix Resurrections (if you can believe that) Scream '96 is a classic and the gan

Book of Boba Fett 1 & 2
January 14, 2022

There's so much goddamn news in this episode that's why it's over 2 hours long... People have died, people have farted in jars, and there's even some DC news!We break down the first two episodes of T

Hawkeye Finale & Matrix Resurrections
December 27, 2021

Hawkeye closes out with some big surprises and cameos but what does it mean for the MCU & will it warrant a season 2!? Then Taylor and Joel are at odds (rare) about if Matrix Resurrections sucks or n

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review
December 18, 2021

There's not much to say about this except that we review the best damn Spider-Man movie to ever exist.