Polymorph Self

Polymorph Self

Latest Episodes

Bonus Episode 1: Summer Update
July 13, 2017

Summer updates for 2017.

Ep 79: I Didn’t Tell Him To Do That
June 09, 2017

In which the big bad is fought and being flippant comes back to roost ...

Ep 78: I Sheath My Horse
June 02, 2017

In which horses are sheathed, and ghost towns are explored ...

Ep 77: Ghastlighting
May 25, 2017

In which mysterious rifts are entered, and steeds are mounted ...

Ep 76: Brother
May 08, 2017

In which horses are bought and a road trip ensues ...

Ep 75: Snakes Shouldn’t Have Arms
May 05, 2017

In which treasure chests are opened and Billicus starts a career change ...

Ep 74: My Mom’s Face Appears On The Snakehead
April 25, 2017

In which fear returns and rage becomes an issue ...

Ep 73: Take That, Chair
April 13, 2017

In which furniture is challenged and the story is rejoined ...

Ep 72: I’m Gonna Rage
April 06, 2017

In which the party blunder through the fight, and we blunder through borderline offensive topics ...

Ep 71: We Are The Bad Guys
March 30, 2017

In which our heroes are a bit too good at this ...