PolyKill: A Gaming Podcast

PolyKill: A Gaming Podcast

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S2 Episode 75: Banana Water "G" String
August 08, 2023

Trav overdid it on banana water and Steve is wanted by the police. All this and more!Follow the Polymedia Twitch Channel for the 24 hour charity event on August 19-20 to benefit the Bit by Bit Foundation.Check out highlights from 2022's Charity Strea

S2 Episode 74: Hot Actuary Action
July 25, 2023

What video game characters give insurance adjusters the most pause? Trav and Steve discuss that, various Super Meat Boy related topics, and their individual smells.August 19-20, noon-to-noon eastern, Polymedia 24/hr charity stream to benefit the Bit-by-Bi

S2 Episode 73: No Pinch, No Stink
July 11, 2023

Trav and Steve survive another Burgerchamp hot seat and list out their top 5 worst games in an otherwise loved series or franchise. Shout out to The Elite MYT for another Polykiller gold medal!Check out the Bit by Bit Foundation! Charity stream August 19-

S2 Episode 72: "F"ilthy Wipe Saddle
June 27, 2023

Trav and Steve chat Half-Life, Tears of the Kingdom, and Final Fantasy XVI before listing their top 5 games that start with "F"!Games this episodeGyltCrime O'ClockEverybody 1-2 SwitchMaster Detective Archives: Rain CodeEnder Lilies Final Fa

S2 Episode 71: Cruisin' for a Snoozin'
June 13, 2023

The podcast has turned the corner to full on Dad-mode. We would apologize but we haven't had enough sleep. Burgerchamp sends an email for Top 5 games centered on sleep. Congrats to Braniac345 for Polykilling it once again! Games this episodeLayers o

S2 Episode 70: Breath of the Nuts
May 30, 2023

Guess who's back! Steve returns to tell us about the new additions to his life, specifically from eBay as well as LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom! Top 5 babies in games round out the discussion! Thanks to Mr. Mullet Gaming for the email.Games this episodeK

S2 Episode 69: A Book Nerd and A Nice Price
May 16, 2023

Episode 69 welcomes guest hosts Caleb J. Ross and Jeff (Mook) to split duties between hot seats, beat tweets, top 5's, and of course lots of game talk. Get ahold of Caleb's upcoming book HERE.Listen to Tales of the Lesser Medium, featuring Caleb

S2 Episode 68: The Couch Cuddler and the Quest Logger
May 02, 2023

Trav is joined by handsome gamers Briz and Seth in Steve's absence. Find out where Briz's Bethesda love really lies and Seth and Trav list their top 5 sports games!Find Briz on Twitter Find Captain Drachma on TwitterListen to Indie Quest!Games t

S2 Episode 67: Blink's Enemy and His Predecessor
April 18, 2023

On this hodgepodge episode, Blink is out awaiting the arrival of his first child. Pam hops in to help since, ya know, Blink is gone. And we have a special guest for the top 5...Find Pam on YouTube, Twitter, & InstagramFind Jake on Twitter & Instag

S2 Episode 66: Nuon Kid on the Block
April 04, 2023

You have no idea what a Nuon is but let Steve tell you all about it. No better time to discuss the top 5 N64 games than on episode 66. It just makes sense!Check out that interview for Tales of the Lesser Medium!Get in on the 2023 Polykill Challenge!Games