Polygamer – A Podcast of Equality & Diversity in Gaming & Video Games

Polygamer – A Podcast of Equality & Diversity in Gaming & Video Games

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Polygamer #117: GamerDoc esports physician Dr. Lindsey Migliore
September 22, 2021

Dr. Lindsey Migliore, also known as GamerDoc, is a licensed esports physician. While hiking the Appalachian Trail, she realized that only by abandoning her original goal of becoming an NFL team doctor

Polygamer #116: Beth Daggert of Lode Runner, Star Wars & Nox Archaist
August 25, 2021

Beth Daggert has been a game designer, software engineer, lead programmer, director of engineering, and vice president of engineering, within and without the gaming industry. Having worked on such his

Polygamer #115: Brianna Dym on fanworks
July 21, 2021

Brianna Dym is a Ph.D student in the University of Colorado Boulder’s information science department under Dr. Casey Fiesler. Brianna’s field of study is fanworks: the original creations, derivations,

Polygamer #114: Dr. Melissa Chaplin on indie game marketing
June 16, 2021

Dr. Melissa Chaplin is the head of client strategy at Game If You Are, a UK-based marketing firm helping indie video games get the attention they deserve. When not writing press releases, editing trailers, and landing podcast spots for upcoming develop...

Polygamer #113: Maia Weinstock of LEGO Women of Computing
May 19, 2021

Maia Weinstock is the creator of LEGO Women of NASA, a kit she proposed on the LEGO Ideas site that won approval to be made into a real product. Now she’s pitching the Women of Computing, a set that pays homage to Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper,

Polygamer #112: Kate Olguin of Other Ocean Interactive
April 14, 2021

Kate Olguin knew that finishing her undergraduate career and searching for a job would be difficult; she did not expect a pandemic to make it even harder. Fortunately, armed with a degree in interactive media and game design from Worcester Polytechnic ...

Polygamer #111: Artist & unschooler Ivy Dolamore
March 17, 2021

Ivy Dolamore is an artist, cryptid, and unschooler. The product of a curriculum-free homeschooling education, Ivy quit her job at GameStop to become a full-time artist, supported by commissions, Patreon, and an extensive social media following.

Polygamer #110: Librarian Amanda Pegg-Wheat
February 17, 2021

Amanda Pegg-Wheat is a children’s librarian and branch manager in Quincy, Massachusetts. In addition to books, movies, video games, and Internet access, Amanda offers her patrons another service: Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. As the DM,

Polygamer #109: Dianna Lora of Massive Entertainment
January 27, 2021

Dianna Lora is an account manager at Massive Entertainment, the Ubisoft studio working on the next Star Wars video game. She is an accomplished multimedia maven, having written reviews, produced videos, and edited podcasts for such outlets as Sony,

Polygamer #108: Dr. Rachel Kowert of Psychgeist
December 16, 2020

Dr. Rachel Kowert is the host of Psychgeist, a YouTube series that examines the psychology of video games. In her videos, Dr. Kowert examines such concepts as escapism, flow, esports, and Animal Crossing. She is also the research director for Take This...