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Episode 234: Will the BBB vote next week? Drama in Buffalo. Will there be a red wave? (w/ Evin Scrimshaw)
November 12, 2021

The status of the Build Back Better Bill - Moderates are non-negotiable on SALT. Will the bill be scored by the CBO, holding up a vote before Nov. 15? The Biden Administration sees the highest inflat

Episode 233: One announcement dampers GOP '22 Senate hope. Paul Gosar's stupid meme. Lessons from passing the BIB (w/ Bill Scher)
November 10, 2021

New Hampshire will not be a Hassan vs. Sununu race for Senate. That leaves the GOP scrambling for a candidate half as strong. Are their Senate hopes already done? Paul Gosar posted a dumb meme. The o

Episode 232: Three Lessons That Matter From Election Day
November 05, 2021

Three lessons both parties need to understand going forward after VA and NJ. A rant about concessions. Ed Durr runs wild.

Episode 231: LIVE FROM VA! Democrat BLOODBATH! Youngkin wins! (w/ Michael Cohen)
November 03, 2021

GOP takes the Biden +10 commonwealth of Virginia. Michael Cohen breaks it down.

Episode 230: LIVE from Virginia! McAuliffe vs. Youngkin On The Trail!
November 02, 2021

Justin is in the Commonwealth of Virginia and on the trail with both candidates. How do they sound? How are the crowds? Can Youngkin pull the upset or will all of this hullabaloo be forgotten when TM

Episode 229: Px3 Meetup In DC Info! VA Gov fake racist stunt goes wrong!
October 31, 2021

The First Ever DC Px3 meetup: Present Company Wednesday, November 3rd (day after election day!) 6 p.m. 438 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

Episode 228: How to decipher local proposition votes. Are mothers ever returning to the labor force? Crypto and Politics (w/ Dave Levinthal)
October 29, 2021

Justin breaks down a local proposition vote to explain the bizarre advertising. Paul Brandus of @WestWingReports breaks down why he think mothers might be the key to the labor shortage. Dave Levint

Episode 227: Is Terry McAuliffe panicking in Virginia?
October 27, 2021

- The frontrunner for VA governor is now fighting on the upstart's issue. Is that a good sign for Democrats going into the final week of campaigning? Justin says no. - Democrats are close to a BBB fr

Episode 226: The Supply Chain episode
October 22, 2021

What's the latest on our modern supply chain crisis? The Px3 audience is shockingly plugged in to the logistics network! We prove it with a mail bag. James Thatcher (a 20-year veteran of internation

Episode 225: Democratic thaw? BernieManchin lovefest? School board explosion tilts VA race. The plight of Brad Raffensperger (w/ Marc Caputo)
October 20, 2021

Could the Democrats actually be negotiating with each other? Did Bernie cross a line with Joe Manchin and finally trigger a thaw? Is Biden going to do something? The Virginia Gov race is in the home s