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014 - Aum Shinrikyo
January 08, 2016

This episode of Political Asylum Shawn and Conn talk about a Japanese doomsday Cult founded by  Shoko Asahara.

013 - The Gurindji Strike
January 04, 2016

This episode Shawn and Conn Connclude their first aboriginal saga with the Gurindji Strike - You can subscribe to Political Asylum on iTunes to stay ...

012 - The Lonely Stretch
December 18, 2015

This week Shawn and Conn discuss North Korean Ghost-ships,The Paris Climate deal and Continue their exploration of Aboriginal history.

011 - The Funtabulous Adventures of Jimmy Cook and Other Total Dick Moves
December 10, 2015

This episode Shawn and Conn discuss Donald Trumps spat, Syria, The Pollution of China and The First Voyage for Australia.Follow us on Twitter @PoliAsylumPod - ...

010 - Truskish Russian Dinner for Syria
December 02, 2015

This Episode Conn and Shawn talk about reaching their tenth Episode - They also touch on the Turkey Russia situation.They talk about Colorado and The ...

009 - We Need to Talk About This
November 18, 2015

This week - We talk about Paris, Frances Involvement in the East and where things are going. If you have any thoughts you'd like to ...

008 - The Berlin Wall
November 13, 2015

This week was the 26th anniversary of The Berlin Wall coming down, Shawn and Conn discuss what life was like in East and West Germany ...

007 - Hong Kong
November 03, 2015

On this weeks episode of Political Asylum Shawn and Conn Discuss the British The opium wars (1839 - 1842/1856 - 1860) that led to the ...

006 - The Spanish Transition to Democracy
October 21, 2015

This week Shawn and Conn discuss the transition Spain went through from being led as a Dictatorship to a Democracy.Follow Political Asylum on Twitter @PoliAsylumPod

005 - Richard Nixon and Watergate
October 11, 2015

Shawn and Conn discuss the turn of events surrounding Watergate