Point Your Toes!

Point Your Toes!

Latest Episodes

Point Your Toes! Ep 81 Class with a Master
January 17, 2020

D & T ring in year 3 with a discussion of masterclasses.

Point Your Toes! Ep 80 Tour, Covers, and Life ft. Matthew J Sherrod
December 19, 2019

D & t sit down with Matthew to talk about keeping healthy why on tour as well as covering.

Point Your Toes! Ep 79 Questions part 2
December 05, 2019

D & T answer more of your questions. 

Point Your Toes! Ep 78 Dance Cardio
November 21, 2019

D & T talk about getting the differnces between dance and dance cardio

Point Your Toes! Ep 77 Covers, Swings, Understudies
November 14, 2019

Covers, Swings, and Understudies and the parts they may never get to play

Point Your Toes! Ep 76 Dance of the Pole
October 24, 2019

D & T spend a little time talking pole dancing.

Point Your Toes! Ep 75 Arts Education pt 2
October 17, 2019

D & T talk working the arts again...cuz there is so much to say about it.

Point Your Toes! Ep 74 Choreography for Film & Television
October 10, 2019

D & T Talk Choreography when the cameras are rolling. 

Point Your Toes! Ep 73 A Review
October 03, 2019

Movie review: Center Stage

Point Your Toes! Ep 72 Choreography for Concert Dance
September 26, 2019

D & T Talk choreo for Concert Dance in part 2 of different choreography styles.