Podvincible: An Invincible Podcast

Podvincible: An Invincible Podcast

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"That Actually Hurt"
April 11, 2021

Invincible teams up with supervillain Titan and learns things aren’t always what they seem as we recap episode 5, “That Actually Hurt.” Mark is busy balancing training with Omni-Man, and dating Amber — poorly — but takes a break to help Mahershala Ali’...

"Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out"
April 04, 2021

Mark gets his butt to Mars as we break down Invincible Episode 4 “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out.” Suspicion grows about Omni-Man’s involvement with the deaths of the Guardians of the Globe, so he goes on the offensive with Damien Darkblood,

"Who You Calling Ugly?"
April 01, 2021

Robot holds auditions for Guardians of the Globe, and things go very poorly as we break down Invincible “Who You Calling Ugly?” Suspicion grows about Omni-Man’s involvement in the deaths of the Guardians, while Mark grows closer to both Atom Eve and Am...

"Here Goes Nothing"
March 29, 2021

With Omni-Man down for the count, it’s up to Invincible to stop an alien invasion as we break down Episode 2, “Here Goes Nothing.” The Flaxans are on the loose, so Mark teams up with the Teen Team to take them down — multiple times.

"It's About Time"
March 26, 2021

On the first official episode of our Invincible podcast, we break down the premiere of Amazon Prime Video’s new animated series. Mark finally gets his powers, and training from his father Omni-Man. But a violent twist in the final moments might change ...

Podvincible: An Invincible Podcast Preview
March 18, 2021

On the preview episode of our new Invincible podcast, we’re breaking down everything to expect from Amazon Prime Video’s new hour-long, adult animated TV show. From the stacked cast to our expectations from the comics,