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YouTube listening time falls; and working safely during a pandemic
July 10, 2020

And Joe Rogan isn't off the platform yet

Spotify signs $20m deal with Omnicom Media Group
July 09, 2020

Is Spotify going to control the podcast advertising landscape?

Podcast listeners 39% more likely to drive a hybrid
July 08, 2020

And another podcast app gets bought by Maple Media

SiriusXM 'to buy Stitcher'
July 07, 2020

For US$300m apparently

Podtrac: NPR back at #1
July 06, 2020

And a new kids debating podcast

A record number of new shows: but new releases now in decline
July 03, 2020

New over 1,250,000 valid podcasts in Apple's directory

Spotify gains on Apple worldwide
July 02, 2020

Hmm. But what's the truth, really?

Resonate Recordings launches a podcast host
July 01, 2020

And why podcasting could be recession-proof

Spotify adapt 'Sandra' to international markets
June 30, 2020

First locally-adapted shows, they claim

BBC launches new podcast unit
June 29, 2020

It'll be based in Bristol