The PodGOATs

The PodGOATs

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'70s: Disco, Watergate, and the Blockbuster Movies
May 20, 2020

The PodGOATs take on another decade. This time it's the '70s, a time of Watergate, disco, and the decade when rock and roll grew up. Phil and Campbell Valentine look back at the good, the bad, and the funky.

Coincidences Part 02: Strange and Inexplicable Occurrences
May 17, 2020

The second part in the Coincidences series, Phil and Campbell Valentine look at some of the most bizarre coincidences in history from a murder attempt that succeeded years later to the final resting place of a Canadian actor.

Mysteries Part 3: More Unsolved Mysteries from the Past
May 13, 2020

The PodGOATs continue their series of Mysteries with some unsolved cases including the disappearance of a lighthouse crew, a dancing plague, and a man who woke up naked in a dumpster. Help them solve these mysteries.

Reality: What is it Really?
May 10, 2020

What exactly is reality? Sounds like a strange question until you really dig deep into the answer. Phil and Campbell Valentine do just that, and find that reality may not be exactly what you think it is.

Franklin: A Biography
May 06, 2020

Ben Franklin is one of the most colorful figures in American history. He's also one of the most important. From his inventions to his writings to his influence over the American Revolution, Phil and Campbell Valentine cover it all.

Scientology: Religion or Cult?
May 03, 2020

What exactly is Scientology? Where did it come from? Is it a religion or a cult? Phil and Campbell Valentine delve into this murky world and provide some answers.

Heartthrobs: The Biggest in History
April 29, 2020

Who are the biggest heartthrobs of all time? And who was the first? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of heartthrobdom, and some of the hottest stars of all time.

Communication: How We Came to Message One Another
April 26, 2020

Ever thought about how we communicate? It's not just by speech. There's body language, sign language, even smoke signals. And animals communicate too. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the history of communication.

Children: Famous Kids in History
April 22, 2020

We've all been children. Some are easier than others. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of raising kids, and some of the more famous children down through history.

Tokyo: Success from the Ashes
April 19, 2020

The PodGOATs world tour of cities continues. This time we're off to one of the most densely-populated cities on the planet. Tokyo totally remade itself after World War II, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.