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Intoxication: The History of High
August 09, 2020

Everything has a history, and so does intoxication. Some intoxicants were happened upon purely by accident, but intoxicants have both destroyed societies and helped us toast others. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk the history of intoxication.

World War I: A History of the Great War
August 05, 2020

The Great War, the Big One, the war to end all wars. World War I was so horrific people thought it could never happen again. Oh, how wrong they were. Phil and Campbell Valentine look into the history of World War I.

Detectives: The History of the Detective Genre
August 02, 2020

Detective movies and TV shows have become a stereotype, but like every stereotype there's a morsel of truth. Where did the detective we know and love come from? Phil and Campbell Valentine are on the case.

What Ever Happened To...Part 01: Steve from Blue's Clues, Vanilla Ice, Rick Astley, and more
July 29, 2020

What ever happened to Steve from Blue's Clues, or Vanilla Ice, or Nick Cage, or Rick Astley, or Danny Bonaduce from the Partridge Family? Wonder no more. Your answers await inside this episode.

Declassified: Now It Can Be Told
July 26, 2020

There are so many secrets kept by governments. Some have to do with national defense. Some are just plain embarrassing. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some intriguing state secrets that have finally been declassified.

Law: Some of the Wackiest Defenses in History
July 22, 2020

Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some of the most outrageous defense claims ever in the history of law. Everything from the evil twin to the Twinkie defense. Some of these you absolutely will not believe, but they're all true.

Psychology Part 02: Strange Disorders That Will Blow Your Mind
July 19, 2020

Have you ever heard of a psychological disorder that only allows you to remember the last 90 minutes? How about one where you think your wife is a hat? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about more strange psychology.

Twistory Part 3: History with a Twist
July 15, 2020

Oh, the twistory continues. Phil and Campbell Valentine are back with more twists on history, including the Battle of Los Angeles and the real story behind the suicide of Ernest Hemingway. Get ready for some twisted history.

Oddities: Some of the Most Unusual People in History
July 12, 2020

They used to call them freaks, but that's a little insensitive. These are folks down through history who were amazingly different. The bearded lady is just the beginning. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about oddities.

Mad Rulers: The Most Harebrained Highnesses in History
July 08, 2020

Yeah, yeah, we know all about Hitler and Mao. What about these kooky rulers that were more nuts than dangerous? Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about some whacked-out kings, emperors, and sultans.