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'90: The Decade of Innovation
July 14, 2021

It was the decade of the Gulf War, the rise of Bill Clinton, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the fall of O.J. Simpson, and so much more. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk the '90s.

COVID: Phil and Campbell Have It
July 11, 2021

Phil and Campbell Valentine have COVID. They weren't able to coordinate their good days this week to be able to record a new episode, so we give you the latest PodGOATs Radio. Our apologies.

Vikings: The Real History
July 07, 2021

Just when you thought you knew the Vikings, Phil and Campbell Valentine come along to blow that image out of the water. The PodGOATs give you the real story about Vikings.

Olympics: History of the Ancient Games
July 04, 2021

Long before the Dream Team and Michael Phelps there were the ancient Olympics in Greece. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about when they started and how they evolved.

Animals Part 02: From Mythical to Heroes
June 30, 2021

Animals are fascinating creatures. Some were as elusive as Bigfoot until the rest of the world discovered them. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the history of some amazing animals.

Aristotle: The Walking Philosopher
June 27, 2021

He was one of the Big Three in Greek philosophy. He broke ground on many concepts, including logic. He's where we get the notion of the pursuit of happiness. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the life of Aristotle.

War Part 02: Distinguished Gentlemen
June 23, 2021

Phil and Campbell Valentine talk war again. This time they're talking about individuals in war that you will not believe, but they are absolutely real, on War Part 2.

Urban Legends Part 03: Fact is Stranger Than Fiction
June 20, 2021

Phil and Campbell Valentine are back with another Urban Legends episode. Only these urban legends are actually true! Fact is, indeed, stranger than fiction on Urban Legends Part 3.

Khan: Lord of the Largest Empire
June 16, 2021

He rose from humble beginnings to eventually lord over the largest empire the world has ever known. Phil and Campbell Valentine look at the brutal yet influential life of Genghis Khan.

Twistory Part 04: From Prohibition to a Eugenics-loving Inventor
June 13, 2021

More history twists from the PodGOATs. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about how the government tried to keep people from cheating during Prohibition, and the ironic memorial to a Beatle, among others.