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Love It or Leave It? Podcast (The Suicide Squad)

October 01, 2021

Welcome to the Love It or Leave It? Podcast! In this newest episode, Paul and Mike from PCH are joined by CJ from the Talkin' Shiz Podcast to discuss 2021's sequel/reboot hybrid film, The Suicide Squad! (Note: We talk about a ton of other random things as well).

Did they Love It or Leave It?!? 

Please Note: The first half of this episode of Love It or Leave It? is spoiler-free (mostly). The second half is spoiler-filled so be sure to turn off the podcast at that point if you do not want to be spoiled! Be warned!
There is a lot of content in the world. Each year, we are inundated with thousands of hours of television, hundreds of movies, and new music every week ... it can be overwhelming. How do you know what's worth your time and what you should just skip?

Pod Clubhouse is here to help!

We've taken the idea of PopCultureReview's written column, "Love It or Leave It?" and brought it into the 21st Century! "Love It or Leave It?: The Podcast" is your guide to what you absolutely need to see (or hear) and what is pure dumpster fire trash (and everywhere in between)!

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