Fantasy News Hour Podcast

Fantasy News Hour Podcast

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Go Go Speed Racer
March 17, 2018

NCAA Tourney - NFL FA - Fantasy Baseball

The Relief Talk about Relief...Pitchers
March 12, 2018


A Week Late, a Week Better
March 09, 2018

The Fantasy Replacements

When The Adults Are Away
February 21, 2018

Random thoughts by McA and NASCAR Brian

Philly Philly
February 11, 2018

Super Bowl and Trade Deadline

Super Bowl Primer
February 02, 2018

SB LII, Alex Smith, Blake Griffin

HOF Day!
January 26, 2018

NFL Conference Champ, HOF, XFL

Minneapolis Miracle...what else
January 18, 2018

Division Round and BASEBALL

Bizarro World
January 16, 2018

A week without staples

Nothing but Nonsense
January 05, 2018

WWE-XFL-Bowl Mania-Round 1 of McA and Shane