Podcast - ♥Hopesprings

Podcast - ♥Hopesprings

Latest Episodes

Lost Sons Matter
June 26, 2020

He leaves the 99, the stored treasure, the entitled son, to find the one.

Sheep Life
June 18, 2020

We meditate on one of the most known Scriptures, and the One who knows us best.

The Breach
June 03, 2020

We see true spiritual practice as love in action.

Something Old, Everything New
May 26, 2020

In a new situation, we reconnect with the old new news.

Knowing the Unknowable
May 17, 2020

We need more...love.

If you love something...
May 10, 2020

A radical Mom teaches us how to love and find our place in THE story.

Quarried and Cut
May 03, 2020

We consider who it is we come from.

Moses Supposes Erroneously
May 01, 2020

Moses supposes he isn't the one. God has other ideas for him and for us.

On the Level
April 24, 2020

We find comfort and challenge for folks facing exile. In our our isolation we can relate.

Pulp Nonfiction
April 17, 2020

Happy Easter! We celebrate the good news in unbelievable times.