Podcast/Blog - Convos With Mentors

Podcast/Blog - Convos With Mentors

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Will You Feel Wonderful About This Life Accomplishment?
January 04, 2016

I was just watching "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with Jerry  Seinfeld and Jim Carrey. I forgot how funny Seinfeld is in his own way. And his episode with President Barak Obama, pretty hilarious in many ways. It's the subtleties of the comedy th

Example of Mentorship - Long Term Focus vs Short Term Blowout
January 03, 2016

This is why we all need mentors in our lives. And not just mentors where we read their books or watch their videos or virtually get inspired. I mean someone you can call and hear their voice.What is a Mentor; what do they do?They give you direct advi

A New Year, Old Year, New Life, Old Life
January 02, 2016

With every new year there is another year passed and another year of promise. Hopefully. My hope for everyone is that this year of 2016 brings more of everything positive, some good negatives, a lot of lessons and marked forward progress in your life

Surgeon vs General Practitioner Approach; Specialization or Generalization
January 01, 2016

I've started to contemplate this idea of which approach people tend to take in business... Below is an On the one hand there is the Surgeon and on the other the General Practitioner. Surgeons, at least the ones I've met, are pretty serious people. I

If Tim Ferriss Stopped Publishing
December 19, 2015

I would miss him.  Seth Godin asks - "If you stopped being around tomorrow, who would miss you?"  Tim... I would miss that guy’s stuff. Seriously. Especially his podcast and a metric ton else. He’s a person I follow, that I like, that

The What vs The How Of Advising
December 18, 2015

 So I’ve noticed that I can explain the way pretty well… Explain is perhaps the wrong word. How you explain what, anyways? Isn’t that the how?  I’ll set the stage: You’re in a meeting, boss lady is up there, and direction is being given.

Afflicted with Ambition?
December 17, 2015

You've heard the clicheyou have moneywhat is money were no object what is money what is What if money were no object are you afflicted with ambition . the reason I ask is because if you are not you will do just for money . and if you do just for money t

Doing Something For The Sake Of Doing Something
December 16, 2015

I’ve started businesses and ventures for the sake of money. Just to have something to sell to someone in order to make money. Make money, why we do what we do…  Now looking back… I realized that everything I’ve done has been for money. Even

What Happens When The Success Tips Contradict One Another?
December 15, 2015

Branson vs Musk Bezos vs. JobsJobs vs. GatesGates vs. Whomever You’ve seen these guys… Slow down, and go faster… Fail forward, but watch out not to make mistakes or go too soon or without enough thought process followed through on… Go with y

The Rocket Of Life - Building The Rocket of Life’s Work, Your Life’s Work
December 14, 2015

Everyone has a life. Think of that life as a rocket… Now this is not your living breathing self. It is  your life, your actual life that is lived… It’s also your body, that’s a part of the whole Rocket metaphor. Now look at this rocket… Do