Posts – Why Hamburg?

Posts – Why Hamburg?

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Episode 4: Mahmoud Aldaas from Damascus
December 18, 2015

Welcome to the 4th episode of the “Why Hamburg?” podcast. After speaking briefly about all the news of any relevance to international people I could find, we swiftly move on to talk about how and why Mahmoud Aldaas ended up in Hamburg. We spo

Episode 3: Talking to Ryan Scharfer about the Olympic referendum and why he came to Hamburg
December 02, 2015

Ryan Scharfer came from Chicago to Germany in 2009. Originally he only planned to stay for a year but returned in 2011. I spoke to him about why he came to Hamburg, but also about the big topic everyone in Hamburg is talking about: the referendum on Hamb

Podcast episode 2 – with guest Irene Broer from Gute Leute Magazine
October 28, 2015

Wahey! The second edition of the new podcast. Today, Alex Ahom (Shhared founder) and I spoke to Irene Broer. Irene is from the Netherlands and has been living in Hamburg for two years. In the podcast she tells us about why she came to Hamburg, and about

“Why Hamburg?” podcast in English
October 20, 2015

This is the maiden episode of the “Why Hamburg?” podcast. Alex Ahom and I were sat at Shhared and I asked him whether he would be interested in taking part … and he said “yes” – which he had to really, considering he&#