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Podcast On The Mount

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29 - The Kingdom Expanded - Pt 2
April 02, 2018

In part 2 of our conversation on "The Kingdom Expanded", we look at the many passages which refer to "the kingdom of God" and explain them in their context. We also look into the history of how the meaning of the word changed over many centuries of Christ

28 - The Kingdom Expanded - Pt 1
April 02, 2018

We take a deeper look into the term "the kingdom of God" which Jesus used so often in the Gospels. What does it mean? Is it different from "kingdom of Heaven"? Join us in part 1 of this engaging conversation. You might be surprised at what you learn.

27 - How To Read The Bible - Doing It Right
December 08, 2017

We round up our series on the how to read the bible looking at ways to be better readers of the bible. We point to important resources and methods that will help improve our bible reading and ultimately, our faith in Jesus. Click to join to enjoy the dis

26 - How To Read The Bible - Doing It Wrong
November 20, 2017

In this episode, we look at some examples of verses that are read out of context and interpreted to mean something totally different from what they originally meant. Click to listen to us discuss how we sometimes get it all wrong.

25 - How To Read The Bible - History
November 06, 2017

The Bible is key to the ability to live the Christian life. But popular as it is, many read it wrongly because they are not taught how to read it. Others are not aware of its history and development Join us to look into how the bible in it's modern form

24 - The End Times III - Resurrection
October 12, 2017

What does the bible mean when it talks about resurrection? Is it our spirits which are being resurrected, or our souls? Click to play this exciting episode that will challenge you to be faithful to Jesus, even to death.

23 - The End Times II - Rapture
October 04, 2017

What is the rapture? Is it to be followed by some great tribulation? Is the goal of Christianity to leave this filthy earth for heaven, or is God's goal to have heaven be present on the earth? Join us look into this fascinating but often confused subject

22 - The End Times - Hurricanes & Earthquakes
September 27, 2017

Does the recent occurrence of multiple earthquakes and hurricanes signify the end of the world? Are we in the end times? Is Matthew 24 even relevant to these natural disasters, or Jesus was talking about something totally different? Join us to dig deep i

21 - OT And Hebrew Culture 2 - The Gods
July 12, 2017

So what did Ancient Near Eastern people believe about their gods? Did the Hebrews also believe in the same things about Yahweh? Why did Yahweh choose Israel? Join us as we discuss how the culture and background of the Hebrew people affected the writing o

20 - OT And Hebrew Culture 1 - Intro
July 12, 2017

Did you know that the not all the Psalms of David were actually written by David? Have you seen a map of ancient Israel with its neigbhours before? Do you wonder what the relationship between Israel and these neighbours were? Have you heard critics of Chr