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Science for Progress

52 B&D Online Teaching, SciComm, and the Populist Fringes

August 03, 2020

My co-host Bart Geurten and I had a rather spontaneous conversation, again. We talk about remote teaching, how science communication and science journalism could be supported by the public, and speculate about how the political fringe might be missing a sense of belonging.

Following a catch-up about our lives in the pandemic, we talk about taking lectures online. Should we do it? Are there circumstances when it makes sense? Or does it remove important social interactions among students?

We then talk about science communication. There was a hearing in the German Bundestag about how the parliament could install a funding mechanism for science communication and science journalism. One of the issues is that journalism is under a lot of pressure to make profits.

This, finally, led us to discuss - once more - the plight of populism. Does it provide people with a sense of belonging?

Dennis risks his life and hearing to demonstrate the dangerous noise from wind-turbines:

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