podcast – ETC

podcast – ETC

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Episode 26: The Final Episode
March 10, 2016

The day you have always feared has finally arrived, the final episode. No more nonsense, no more bullshit. Just silence. I love you. Download Episode 26 01 Metallica – Fuel 02 Kaada/Patton – Imodium 03 Stevie Wonder – I Ain’t Gonna

Episode 25
March 03, 2016

The end is nigh, the penultimate episode is even nigher. Well, you’re already reading it, you know this already. What more can I say? Oh yeah, remember what i said about spicy peanuts for breakfast = no no. Download Episode 25 Tracks 01 Green Day &#

Episode 24
February 25, 2016

Damn Damir, back at it again with the ETC Podcast. More slices of toast than you can fit in your mouth, more sliced tomatoes than you know what to do with and just so many rawkus chawns that you’ll realise they’re all wasted on you. Download E

Episode 23
February 18, 2016

This week’s episode boasts a phenomenal selection of “running-late-for-work” music if I do say so myself. Only 3 episodes left until I retire? Fuck! Shit? Pisswaddle! Download 23 01 The Offspring – Special Delivery 02 Michael Jacks

Episode 22
February 11, 2016

CATCH! CATCH! CATCH! EPISODE 22! Download Episode 22 01 David Bowie – Fame 02 Crass – Systematic Death 03 Visage – Fade To Grey 04 Incubus – Deep Inside 05 Warren G – Regulate 06 New Order – True Faith 07 The Bravery &#

Episode 21
February 04, 2016

Epic apologies for no podcast last week as I was too busy, but its better late than never (or so the world’s top period experts say) Download Episode 21Tracklist 01 Soft Cell – Memorabilia 02 Hog Molly – Russian Mafia 03 Big Black &#8211

Episode 20
January 21, 2016

Krysten, you know I’ve been doing voice lessons… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orange slices… orang

Episode 19: Nu-Metal Special
January 14, 2016

You wanted it, you got it! (Nobody actually asked for it, but it makes it look more special when I drop it on you) It’s the Nu-Metal special guaranteed to make you get down or have a breakdown. Download Episode 19 01 Soil – Halo 02 Snot &#8211

Episode 18
January 07, 2016

Back after a week long absence, dont pretend like you didnt give a shit. Got them rasp-berry dagnuts and some slick back-to-work music. Now get back to work. Download episode 18 01 Le Tigre – Deceptacon 02 A Perfect Circle – Pet 03 The Knife &

Episode 17: Un-Xmas Special
December 25, 2015

It’s Christmas Day, so here’s my gift to you… a slab of hot sausage right from the cow’s ass herself. Download Episode 17 01 Cursive – Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand 02 Puscifer – The Mission (M is for Milla Mix) 03 We