podcast – Dustin Fife

podcast – Dustin Fife

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Will it cost your happiness?
November 23, 2015

I’m a type-A kinda guy–always antsy to do something–always antsy to achieve something. It’s not enough that I’ve got my PhD and have a comfortable job. No, I want more! It’s not enough that I have you, fare reader, fin

The Anger Ball
November 12, 2015

It’s been eleven years now since I learned that lesson. I was living in Michigan, serving as a missionary. For those unfamiliar with Mormon-dom, let me tell you about those fellows who wear white shirts, ties, and black name tags. … Continue

On Being Genuine (Podcast)
November 04, 2015

Today’s blog post is on Shawn Smucker’s blog (a fantastically insightful blogger, by the way). Be sure to pop on over. Here’s a preview: What’s it like at “the top?” How will it feel to rise to the levels of … Continue reading &#8

Ghosts and guest posts from the blog with the most
October 22, 2015

Howdy. This isn’t yer standard blog post. More of a series of announcements. So, here we go… Next week is “ghost week.” I’m teaming up with Granny Sue, a professional storyteller and blogger (who is totally awesome, by the w

How do you know when you’ve forgiven someone?
October 15, 2015

I warn you now–I’m gonna lay it out there–exposed my sinful heart for the world to see. But maybe by doing that, I’ll find what I’m looking for. How do you know when you’ve forgiven someone? This question seems to &#82

Clinging to life: A story of death
October 08, 2015

Sharon Savage. What a woman. Twenty-five years ago, the diagnosis came. “Cancer,” the doctor said. “How long?” Sharon asked. “Six, maybe eight months.” Her reaction was…unusual. Aside from the shock, the anger, t

It could have been the darkest day of my life…
July 06, 2015

Novel 4 Progress: 4,689 of 65,000 Queries sent: 50 Requests for pages: 4 What’s this? We should have gone to the swimming pool, where the water is clear. Instead we went to Lake Thunderbird. That was my first mistake. I … Continue reading &#8