Regenerative Skills

Regenerative Skills

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A holistic look at physical health and well-being with Crystal Honeycutt part 2
June 09, 2023

Just checking in while still on a short holiday. I just dropped my mom off at the airport at about 3 yesterday morning after a wonderful week of her visiting us, my sister, and her girls at the farm.

A holistic look at physical health and well-being with Crystal Honeycutt
June 02, 2023

Over the next two weeks Im going to be taking some much needed recharge time with my family here on the farm. I've got my little sister Emily here and her three little girls Selma, Rawan, and Lujane

Drought: Part 3. Mitigation strategies for large and regional scale projects.
May 19, 2023

Welcome to the final episode in mine and Nicks 3 part series on drought. In the first episode we talked about how drought was affecting our two homes at the moment. His home on the island of Tenerife

Drought: Part 2. Solutions and opportunities for small and medium scale.
May 12, 2023

Continuing with our deep dive into drought, my good friend Nick Steiner and I are going to move now from defining drought and the its myriad of causes and factors that make it worse, to a wide range o

Drought: Part 1. The myths, misconceptions, and causes
May 05, 2023

Its that time again. In todays regenerative round table, my good friend Nick Steiner and I give updates on our respective projects. Him on the Island of Tenerife and myself in the mountains of centr

The genius of plant adaptation to stress in their environment, with Harriet Mela and James White
April 28, 2023

A couple weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with my good friend Harriet Mela, the independent researcher from Austria who has helped push the boundaries of soil science and plant physiological u

A holistic view of health to reach your optimal performance, with Dr Gerrit Keferstein
April 21, 2023

Today Im going to dive deeper into the broad topic of holistic health and wellness for this ongoing series that I started with Richard Perkins a couple weeks ago. In this episode were going to take

What does a transition from conventional to regenerative agriculture actually look like? With Michael Reber
April 14, 2023

Todays interview has been in the making for me for a couple years now. I first got to know Michael Reber through the pioneer program with Climate Farmers that I directed two years ago. Through that p

Could this be the most versatile tool for homesteads and small farms? Zach Loeks explains
April 07, 2023

Many of you will remember my guest today from the three other interviews Ive done with him over the years. Zack Loeks is a good friend and a maverick of many regenerative skills and knowledge. From g