Cut Through the Noise with Audioburst

AudioburstAudioburst, the audio search and delivery platform, has been a Blubrry partner for nearly two years now. As Audioburst connects listeners to the world’s talk-audio content, its Creators product lets podcasters stand out and grow their audiences. 

We’re now pleased to offer you a free month of Audioburst Creators. To enjoy a free trial period from now through January, join Audioburst Creators for free, click upgrade, select any plan ($15/$40/$100), enter your payment details, and use this exclusive coupon code BLUBRRY30P at checkout.

Here are some of the Creators features we think you might find most valuable:

Add a monetizable player with a podcast highlight reel to your website

To generate a new revenue stream, start by selecting the best moments of every episode — short segments that leave listeners wanting more (and subscribing to get more). 

Next, add Audioburst’s embeddable player to your page. You’ll find that the integration process is fast and painless.

Then sit back and watch as your visitors take advantage of this opportunity to sample, skim, jump between episode bits and realize you’re just the podcast they were looking for. Audioburst will do the rest and inject programmatic ads in between the content played — sharing the revenue with you.

Check out this example, with a highlight reel of podcasts about podcasting, including content from our very own Mike Dell:

Get syndicated and generate revenue

The podcasting playlist above is only one of about 120 playlists that Audioburst maintains regularly. These playlists are syndicated far and wide.

By joining Creators and regularly cutting “bursts” (short-form audio segments created from your podcast), your content could be included in relevant topical playlists distributed to car infotainment systems, websites and mobile apps. This will allow you to grow, reach new ears and monetize your content.

Create and share podcast trailers

Just like movie studios don’t wait until a movie hits the box office to spark interest, you can get in the habit of releasing podcast trailers in advance. With Audioburst, there’s no need to wait until you hit “publish” and have a live RSS. You can now manually upload your files ahead of time, so that you can promote your episode. 

Audioburst helps you create individual bursts and highlight reels from your episode; easily share them across social media channels before you publish your episode; and use the transcript to write your show notes or prepare your blog.

Make your podcast searchable and accessible

Premium Transcription – Audioburst Creators automatically extracts a full, accurate transcript of each episode. Transcriptions increase accessibility for those with hearing loss or deafness, allow people to quickly skim through the content of a given show and improve SEO. 

Captions – You may also download the entire transcription in “caption mode” and use the caption file when uploading video to platforms such as YouTube.

Social – Audioburst is integrated with Twitter and Facebook for easy sharing. You may share social media assets, such as Audiograms and bursts (short-form audio snippets) as teasers, ahead of publishing an episode.

Over the next few weeks, we will share more guides and best practices to help you get the most out of Audioburst and reach more audiences. Enjoy! Learn more about Audioburst and Blubrry here.