4 FREE Magazines and Newsletters For Podcasters

Podcasting has never been more popular, so it makes sense that there are more and more publications for – and about – podcasters. Here are four we love:

Podster Magazine: This beautifully-designed publication features podcaster profiles, show information and reviews that help listeners discover new podcasts and find out more about their favorite podcasters. Subscribe free here. 

HotPod: Jam-packed with information and insights on news and trends in the podcasting world, this weekly newsletter (it publishes on Tuesdays) also includes a membership group with a discussion forum. Read the archives or subscribe free here.

PodcastOne: This weekly newsletter is targeted at podcast consumers more than creators, but it’s still a great way to keep up to date on what’s happening in the podcasting world. Select the type of show you’re most interested in, and you’ll receive customized news based on your preferences. Subscribe free here. 

podtopod – this free weekly newsletter reaches nearly 25,000 subscribers with trends and industry news. You can find out more about podtopod by following #podtopod on Twitter or subscribe free here.