Blubrry introduces – No-Fault Hosting

Today we have introduced a new feature to our podcast media hosting called No-Fault Hosting. We have found that some of our podcast hosting customers bump against their monthly storage limit on the hosting plan they have paid for time to time most only needing a little extra storage to carry them into the next month and not force them to upgrade.

So we are introducing ‘No-Fault Hosting’ to give our podcasters a way to go over their storage limit when they need just a little more before their storage resets.

The service allows the client to go over his or her quota up to 25 percent once each month. Customers that are consistently exceeding their quota should consider upgrading to the next plan, but in most cases, shows will not need to upgrade to the next service level.

In addition, starting Aug. 1, quotas will be reset on the first of each month, making it easier for customers to manage their quota storage. Customers are welcome to maximize their account up to the days before August 1st if they like. No matter what they publish in July, it will be reset on the 1st and from that point on their quota will be reset on the first of every month.