Blubrry Profile Clean up Month

Every two weeks I make it a point to subscribe to large number of new podcast to simply check them out. Yesterday I added 20 shows from Blubrry to my subscriptions, but found it very frustrating to look at some podcast listing on Blubrry only to find their profiles blank.

Most of the podcasts on Blubrry do a great job in completing the show profiles, after all if you want someone to listen to you show  then you should at least should try to keep people from guessing what your shows about. As a listener would you even investigate a podcast if the listing looked like this?


We have went to great lengths to give all podcasters significant branding opportunities for their shows on the network. Take for example the show listing and description at Audio Gumshoe this listing is such that I have no doubt what the show is all about.


Getting people to subscribe to your shows is a simple process here. But only if you take the time and make sure your listings are up to date. If you have a incomplete profile or a friends of yours has a podcast here with a incomplete profile. Tell em to come over and spend 10 minutes making there show a viable part of the community.