A Big Welcome To QDNow

QDNow Network

We want to extend a big Blubrry welcome to The QDNow Network. Mignon Fogarty (aka Grammar Girl) has put together a small group of high-quality podcasts that help people do things better.

So far you can get advice on Grammar, Manners, Money, Law, SecondLife, and Parenting.

In less than a year, Mignon has made quite a splash in the world of podcasting, garnering a best of 2006 award on iTunes for her Grammar Girl podcast and getting coverage on national news outlets like CNN. We have no doubt that the entire slate of QDNow podcasts will gain strong popularity in 2007.

Now that the QDNow podcasts are with Blubrry they’ll be able to enjoy democratic visibility, promotional tools, and monetization opportunities without giving up any rights to their content.

Content producers are the people who make Blubrry possible. We want to thank QDNow and all the Blubrry podcasters for the time and effort they put in to create their podcasts and maintain a presence in the Blubrry community.