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Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

Can we say what diet is best for health with David Katz, MD

July 15, 2020

In Episode #108 I sit down with Dr David Katz, MD who in my opinion, is one of the greatest voices of clarity in a space of science which let's be frank, is littered with confusion tactics, hidden agendas and bias. This is a great episode which reinforces many of the key principles that I have been sharing with you via social media and on this show for the past 2 + years. It also emphasises the 3 pillars that I look to when making my personal food decisions - the pillar of human health, planetary health and animal welfare.

In this episode we specifically talk about:

• Why an infectious disease pandemic may be what we need to take chronic disease more seriously
• The number one risk factor for chronic disease in developed countries
• Why debating the little stuff is keeping us from making impact on the big stuff
• The characteristics of an optimal diet
• Can we say what the single best diet is
• The importance of the replacement nutrient in nutrition science
• The use of strawman diets in nutrition science
• Should we eat fish? What are the considerations here?
• Would adding animal products to an optimally planned vegan diet improve one's health
• and much more

I really hope you enjoy the show. Of course, if you do, please share your feedback with David and I on social media. The best place to find David is on Twitter - you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram too.

Below is a few resources that we spoke about in this episode:

• David's website
• David's wife's recipes at Cuisinicity
• David's books - How to Eat & The Truth About Food
• Why Two Pandemics are better than one

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