Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

Reflections during COVID-19 - it's time for change with Drew Harrisberg

April 26, 2020

In Episode 100 I sit down with Drew Harrisberg to talk about the first 100 episodes of this show and broadly speaking some of the most important learnings that I have taken away, particularly on human and planetary health. We also delve into the current circumstances that we all find ourselves in and reflect on our personal experiences and learnings thus far. While this free-flowing chat between two mates is exactly as I imagined and the perfect summary for the first 100 episodes, the unplanned nature of it means we do jump around a little bit. But for those willing to look past that I think there is some thought provoking material inside for everyone.

Thanks for all your support. I really do appreciate all of you and look forward to bringing you another 100 episodes.

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