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Plant Proof - Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories

Hidden agendas in science and the media with Drew Harrisberg

September 14, 2019

In Episode 83 a very good friend of mine, Drew Harrisberg, returns to the show to talk about hidden agendas in science and the media with specific reference to a few somewhat dangerous trends we have noticed. In this rather fluid exchange Drew and I cover everything from the manipulation of science to produce favourable outcomes to confusing and oversimplified messages from people of influence on social media.

Specifically we cover:

• How Drew's transition to a plant based diet has played out since Episode 62
• Dr Mark Hyman's confusing promotion of an extremely conflicted study on the "reversal of diabetes"
• Sarah Wilson's claims about methane and the impact of animal agriculture on climate change
• Why the "If It Fits Your Macros" & "Calorie Deficit" ideologies are an oversimplification and how it is possible to actually look and feel good at the same time (It's not one of the other)
• Good and bad foods - have we become too soft?
• The stigma associated with different types of Diabetes and associated sensitivity with regards to using 'diabetes' as an umbrella term.
• and much more

I hope you found this to be an interesting episode - I certainly did. Literally a conversation Drew and I would have in private. An unscripted exchange with no holding back. As I allude to throughout in conversation I think it's important to note that just because I may hold a differing opinion to someone that doesn't mean I dislike them or want conflict. I am open to sitting down with any of the people mentioned, or others, to further discuss these ideas and flesh them out with the best available science we have. If we want to expand our minds we need to take these conversations to places where they are a little uncomfortable and I think we got there in this episode - I look forward to doing it in the future and hopefully having some of these proponents of diets like the Ketogenic, If It Fits Your Macros or the Carnivore Diet on the show. I realise some of you may be thinking don't give them the platform but in a controlled manner, if they do not have the fundamental science to support their argument, which I certainly havent been able to find, then ultimately all I see happening is an agenda revealing itself.

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Studies on plant based nutrition and diabetes management or risk:

Dr Michelle McMacken & Shivam Joshi's response to the Hallberg article that Mark Hyman spoke about:

The highly conflicted Sarah Hallberg clinical study that was promoted by Dr Mark Hyman:

Hallberg conflict of interests:
"S.J.H. is an employee and shareholder of Virta Health, a for-profit company that provides remote diabetes care using a low-carbohydrate nutrition intervention, and serves as an advisor for Atkins Corp. V.M.G. has no conflicts of interest to declare. T.L.H. is an employee of Virta Health. S.J.A. is an employee and shareholder of Virta Health."

Isocaloric high carb versus Ketogenic diet study:

Truth about the Ketogenic Diet...