Plant-Based DFW & Lifestyle Medicine

Plant-Based DFW & Lifestyle Medicine

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144: The Secret To Improve Productivity and Quality Of Life with Mark Struczewski
December 24, 2021

When running a community group, it is essential to balance your life and work while accomplishing critical outcomes. Listen in as Mark Struczewski, “Mr. Productivity” will share tips and techniques to avoid being overwhelmed, stay focused on your tasks an

143: Making Healthy Living a Priority with Maya Acosta
December 22, 2021

Don’t miss this episode as we invited Sally back to the show to interview Maya Acosta, PAC co-member and a Pod co-leader. Stay tuned to know more about the enormous impacts of plant-based nutrition on Maya and her family, as well as the healing power of l

142: The Extensive Benefits of Building Diverse Pod Communities with Sally Lipsky
December 17, 2021

Raising awareness about a plant-based lifestyle is not easy but having a strong support system from your community makes a big difference. Listen to another incredible episode with Sally Lipsky as she talks about how she survived cancer by educating herse

141: Culturally Relevant Whole Food Nutrition with Nivi Jaswal
December 15, 2021

Food culture nourishes our body and soul, but how does it impact our health? In today’s topic, we have Nivi Jaswal joining us to share how our culture shapes the way we eat and food choices. Stay connected to learn how these factors contribute to our over

140: Reigniting Pod Communities Through Virtual Interaction with Harriett Emerson
December 10, 2021

Change is never easy, but it is always possible if you have a support system in place. Don’t miss this episode as Harriett Emerson highlights the initial actions to rekindle pod communities during the global pandemic and simple ways to promote a healthy d

139: The Unsustainable Relationship Between Food System and Climate Change with Beth Love
December 08, 2021

Every aspect of food production and consumption affects the environment, but what can we do as individuals to mitigate global risk? Don't miss this episode as Beth Love shares how to inspire the community to adopt plant-rich diets and organize online

138: Ending Inequality and Systemic Racism in the Food System with Jacque Salomon
December 03, 2021

We've been in a bubble of a rigid system that's not beneficial to anyone who aspires to live a more meaningful, creative, and soul-making life. Join us and discover the impacts of this system as Jacque Salomon reveals the inequality of access to

137: Developing Local Movements Through Plant-Based Nutrition Program with Lianna Levine Reisner
December 01, 2021

Dive into this episode as Lianna Levine Reisner discusses the role of being a pod leader in a plant-based community, ways to motivate and empower individuals about creating holistic wellness, and the importance of a nutritious-rich diet in disease prevent

136: Redefining Nutrition For Optimal Well-Being and Quality of Life with Michelle Tree
November 26, 2021

When you embrace and incorporate healthy lifestyle ideas, you must ensure that you’re committed to them. Join us in this episode as Michelle Tree shares the fundamental root of a plant-based concept, highlights the effects and challenges in our health, an

135: The Power of Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Rashmi Schramm
November 24, 2021

Have you been looking for a way to get rid of anxiety, worrying, and stress but don't know where to start and how to go deeper? Listen in as Dr. Rashmi Schramm shares her expertise in helping others cultivate greater awareness, consciousness, and imp