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Ep57: Drinking with Drinking with Jason
February 18, 2018

Jason Sipe taps in for an episode of Pizza Stew. We talk about his new YouTube channel, playing Overwatch, Overwatch League, Cloverfield Movies, Froggy Fresh tour dates, and Flash Gaming.

Ep56: NewToys
January 29, 2018

New year, new episode, new computer... still playing Overwatch and PUBG.

Ep55: Not Solo with My Neighbor Will
October 19, 2017

My neighbor Will visited the stewdio and we learned about his career path, talked about Star Wars, shared thoughts about the future of Tacoma, and explored some ideas on what could make a good mini-movie for the WAM Film Festival.

Ep54: Your Face Looks Weird
September 28, 2017

Shaving the beard, getting a cold, Walking Dead Season 7 thoughts, data storage issues, feelings behind selling a Zuca cart, and two more words that are overused and dumb.

Ep53: Pizza Stew on a Shoe
September 19, 2017

Topics include: recent YouTube uploads, how game streaming is going so far (including Oxenfree review), a review of Super Smash game store, exposing a three-year-old to NES, a couple observations about slang and Panera, and a bizarre new meme about Elf on

Ep52: Twinkle Twinkle Little Bean with Wesley
September 13, 2017

We talk about The Incredibles, Trials Fusion, streaming on Twitch, Extra Life, and sing two classic songs. Happy third birthday, Wesley!

Ep51: PAX 2017 with Justine
September 03, 2017

Justine and I recap PAX 2017.

Ep50: Make Me a Pretty Salad
August 22, 2017

Made it to episode fifty. After a little reflection, I discuss: the recent decline of brick and mortar stores, getting back into Diablo 3 and Burnout Paradise (fun to dust off old games), Think Geek Capsule #2 review, a look at ridiculous Washington State

Ep49: Post-Op but Pre-BDay
July 11, 2017

I had hernia surgery last week and can now almost sit up! I’ve been playing a bunch of video games and napping most of the time. This episode talks about the surgery, Watch Dogs, ordering Watch Dogs 2, snooker videos, Pump It Up review, and Air Magic.

Ep48: My Name is Shake Zula
June 14, 2017

Topics included in this episode: An update from Wesley, Rent-a-Wife and Rent-a-Friend websites, Mobile gaming review for AdVenture Capitalist and an update on, Some thoughts about Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000-2015)