Pints with Pals

Pints with Pals

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My Pal Stephanie!
January 13, 2016

Stephanie Glaser is a student, a lover of Kirby, and someone who can give you a hell of a haircut! We discuss our first meeting involving her getting a hug from a sweaty guy in a speedo, her experiences as both a server in diners and as a cosmetologist,

My Pal Donny!
January 06, 2016

Donald Glaser is a PHD student, a recent Arizona transplant, but still a die hard Seahawks fan! We talk moving from Washington to Arizona, the difference between sports fans in both locales, and trying to get a PHD. We also delve into his straight edge b

My Pals Talk Star Wars!
December 31, 2015

My Pals Aaron and Stephanie join the show this week to talk all things Star Wars! We discuss our initial exposure to the series, the merchandising phenomenon, and our favorite characters. We also discuss what we did and didn't like about the prequels, fu

My Pal Chelsey!
November 03, 2015

Chelsey Hughes is a price auditor, a Twitter pro, and a lover of all boxed wine. We go into our first meetings, our dynamic as "Husband" and "Wife", and road trip stories from Washington to a dry county in Arkansas. Tinder, Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift, an

My Pal Jordan!
October 27, 2015

Jordan Whispel is the hardest working man you'll ever know - he routinely puts in 60 hour weeks! We talk about the good ol' days including a memorable road trip to Portland involving a strip club, a hotel swimming pool, and a giant flash of fire. He tell

My Pal Ryan!
October 21, 2015

Ryan Styers is a manager of people, a musical aficionado, and a proud gay man who acts 90 but is actually 22. We discuss the forthcoming Black Friday rush and how that is for a retail employee, the struggle of growing up in the closet in a very non gay f

My Pal Damon!
October 14, 2015

Damon James is a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and entertainer extraordinaire! We discuss his breaking into professional wrestling at the age of 16, the pros and cons of working indy wrestling shows, behind the scenes at WWE tryouts and television

My Pal Andrew!
October 07, 2015

Andrew Miotke is a tech junkie, a 10 year retail employee who recently has graduated to a 9-5 IT job! We reminisce about or days working together at Best Buy, including answering the question people want to know the most; are Geek Squad ties real or clip

My Pal Aaron!
September 30, 2015

Aaron Sweet is a musician, recent college grad, and a preschool teacher! We discuss his musical endeavors at length as well as his opinions on the merit of a four year degree, the joys of teaching, and the local music scene. We even toss in a few persona