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2020 Top 10 Films… So Far (Special Episode)
July 01, 2020

On this special episode of Piecing It Together, film-critic Josh Bell joins me to discuss our favorite movies of 2020… so far. It's been a very strange year for movies what with everything going on in the world, but as our conversation should prove,

The King Of Staten Island (Featuring JC Screen Fix)
June 26, 2020

On the 133rd episode of Piecing It Together, JC from Screen Fix Podcast joins me to talk about the latest Judd Apatow film, The King Of Staten Island, starring (and partially based on the life of) Pete Davidson, out now on VOD.

Jaws – Follow-Up with Mom (Special Episode)
June 22, 2020

On the special mini-episode we follow-up Breaking It Apart 7, a discussion of the films inspired by the 1975 classic Jaws, with a short, fun conversation I had with my mom right after rewatching the film. Shark movies are some of her favorite movies.

Breaking It Apart 7 – Jaws (Featuring Caitlin Kennedy)
June 19, 2020

On the 7th episode of the special episode series called Breaking It Apart, Caitlin Kennedy joins me for the 45th anniversary of the original summer blockbuster - Jaws. Steven Spielberg's shark classic redefined the movies and still feels fresh today.

Nevada Women’s Film Festival – Nikki Corda Interview (Special Episode)
June 15, 2020

On this special episode I talk to Nikki Corda, the founder of the Nevada Women's Film Festival. Now in its 6th year, the festival which takes place online starting June 22nd has grown every year and is now making the necessary changes to continue thriv...

Southland Tales (Featuring Joe Black)
June 12, 2020

On the 6th installment of our Missing Pieces series, Joe Black joins us for the absolute mind-trip that is Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. Is it a biblical story? Does anything make sense? Do pimps commit suicide?

Z – Brandon Christensen Interview (Special Episode)
June 08, 2020

On this special episode we follow up Episode 129's conversation about Z with an interview with the film’s writer/director Brandon Christensen. A Las Vegas native, I've known Brandon for years and was happy to not only see the success he's had with his ...

Arkansas (Featuring Caitlin Kennedy)
June 05, 2020

On the 132nd episode of Piecing It Together, film critic Caitlin Kennedy joins me to talk about Arkansas, a southern fried crime thriller that's the writing and directing debut of comedic actor Clark Duke. Equal parts Coen Brothers and Tarantino,

The Vast Of Night (Featuring Bee Garner)
June 01, 2020

On the 131st episode of Piecing It Together, Bee Garner joins me for a fantastic sci-fi mystery that kind of came out of nowhere. The Vast Of Night, out now on Amazon Prime, is like a modern Twilight Zone episode with a great script and wonderful perfo...

Capone (Featuring Michael Keene)
May 25, 2020

On the 130th episode of Piecing It Together, filmmaker Michael Keene returns to the podcast to talk about one of 2020's most infamous movies, Josh Trank's Capone. Starring Tom Hardy as the famous gangster in his last dimentia riddled year of his life.....