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I Like Your Picture

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10 Secrets About Post Processing
February 16, 2022

Every photo needs post-processing, even if it's only to sharpen the photo. The biggest problem we see in post-processing is the tendency to overdo your editing. In this episode, we'll offer 10 tips to

10 Secrets About Composition
February 02, 2022

Photo composition is more than just relying on the Rule of Thirds. If you want to get beyond the training wheels of photography rules, we'll help you think like an artist.

10 Secrets about Photography Etiquette
January 19, 2022

We discuss photography etiquette to help you understand the Dos and Don'ts of different photography situations. Recognize the signs and know which boundaries to push and when to let go. The post 10 Se

10 Secrets About Photography Training
January 05, 2022

Everyone needs photography training. The problem is that not all photography training is equal, or even good. We'll give you 10 things to understand when choosing your training. Attending a course by

Bonus - ILYP December 2021 Break
November 30, 2021

We have family from overseas in town this month, so we're taking a work break to spend time with them. I Like Your Picture will return in January 2022. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, and Happy New Y

10 Creative Photography Secrets
November 17, 2021

We share 10 creative photography secrets in this episode. If you're technically minded, but struggling with creativity, we can help you break through the mindset to learn how to be creative. Creative

10 Secrets About Lenses in Photography
November 03, 2021

Lenses in photography have a dramatic impact on your results. They determine your composition, depth, and image quality more than any other component. We'll help you understand what's important for yo

10 Secrets About Light in Photography
October 20, 2021

Without light in photography, there is no photography. One of the easiest ways to create better photos and evoke emotion is to learn how to control the light in your photos. This episode is part of a

10 Secrets About Cameras Beginners Need to Know
October 06, 2021

We share 10 secrets about cameras that beginners need to know because those camera vendor ads mislead your expectations. We'll share the truth. You'll learn what things to consider before you spend mo

10 Secrets for Beginning Photographers
September 22, 2021

Our 10 secrets for beginning photographers help you eliminate some of the obstacles and confusion that many new photographers have to overcome. These aren't tips about Rule of Thirds or anything like