Phone Calls to my Girlfriend with Insomnia

Phone Calls to my Girlfriend with Insomnia

Latest Episodes

Episode 5: Dinner with Sally
November 05, 2015

Chris spends the night with Sally, as he tried to forget his big interview tomorrow.

Episode 4: Music Out East
October 29, 2015

Chris travels East, to visit Kay’s hometown and see her sister, and finds a little perspective.  

Episode 3: The Family in the Park
October 22, 2015

Chris loses his job. While babysitting in his newfound free time, he meets a woman in the park.

Episode 2: The View from the Floor
October 15, 2015

Chris receives a visit from his past, reigniting old tensions with Kay, and casting doubt on his efforts to escape the hole his life has fallen into.

Episode 1: Pilot
October 08, 2015

My girlfriend Kay suffers from insomnia. She lives far away, so I call her at night. We don’t talk, and I guess I just ramble. But she leaves her phone on the pillow and sometimes my voice helps her get to sleep.