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Vasopressors in Trauma
April 27, 2023

Further reading Matt has kindly provided a list of references from his Trauma Care talk which this podcast is based on: Peri-operative and critical care management of the brain current evidence. Ana

TXA – an update
November 28, 2022

Read more about the Cochrane injuries group: Have a listen to the earlier TXA podcast here: Do yo

September 15, 2022

Road traffic collisions are a leading cause of death and injury. Following a road traffic collision many patients will remain trapped in their vehicle. Extrication is the process by which injured or p

Pain (& analgesia)
April 11, 2022

This is the book Jon quotes, Pain is a symphony The International Association for the Study of Pains revised definition of pain is available here. If youd like to read more about nocebo i.e. th

March 29, 2022

Before you listen to this new podcast, we encourage you to go back and have a listen to Episode 16: Blood which we released in 2017 outlining the available evidence about prehospital blood, and the ba

Cold Injury
February 07, 2022

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Emmanuel Cauchy. Georges adventures! Grading frostbite The GELOX study The Hyperbaric oxygen study described by Carron is now in print and available here. G

July 27, 2021

Some useful videos: Hopefully you found the podcast interesting, but since this is quite a visual topic we have put together some videos to demonstrate some of the pathologies discussed and what they

Acute behavioural disturbance
June 27, 2021

Definitions UK definition (RCEM): It describes the sudden onset of aggressive and violent behaviour and autonomic dysfunction, typically in the setting of acute on chronic drug abuse or serious mental illness. Australian definition (NSW Health): Behaviour

The Jungle
May 10, 2021

This was a joint podcast with our friends & colleagues at WEMCast to hear more from them, have a look at their podcast back catalogue, and theres more information on the World Extreme Medicine webs

April 21, 2021

Guidance documents College of Paramedics Statement on Intubation, available here. AAGBI Safer Prehospital Anaesthesia 2017, available here. Positioning Recommended Rich Levitan resources Airway axes Epiglottoscopy Bimanual Laryngoscopy Further resources h