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Podcast Help Desk

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Gushing over the Rodecaster Pro – PHD124
August 31, 2019

Every part of my studio, other than the mic boom and cable is new.  The Rodecaster Pro has replaced a whole rack of stuff.  I gush about how much Love this thing.  It may not be perfect but man-o-man does it make things a bunch easier for most average ...

PHD at Podcast Movement 2019 – PHD123
August 05, 2019

A quick update of what is going on with Podcast Help Desk and Blubrry. Will be at Podcast Movement with "Podcast Help Desk" office hours.  Stop by the booth if you need some help with your show's tech.

Mike Dell’s World Studio Equipment – PHD122
June 22, 2019

Today I go through what I'm using currently for podcast production.   Here is the list: - Mackie 1202VLZ4 Mixer Behringer Composter PRO XL 2 channel Compressor, Limiter, Gate Denon DN-300R Rack Mount Digital Recorder Heil PL-2T Boom

If you are going to Podcast, JUST PODCAST! – PHD121
June 13, 2019

The single best way to make sure your Title is what you want it to be EVERYWHERE is to use it as the blog title (assuming you are using WordPress to publish your podcast) or the TITLE box in whatever podcast service you are using.

Breaking News from PHD News – Apple is making changes to Apple Podcasts
June 05, 2019

This is Wednesday's episode of my Alexa News Breif Podcast Help Desk news. - In addition to killing off "iTunes" on the Mac Desktop, Apple is also changing up the categories.  (Later this summer) - Also adding some search and photo settings. -

Changing Your Podcast’s Title – PHD120
May 28, 2019

One of the questions I get a lot is how to change your podcast's title. - In this short episode, I explain how to do it and why you might want to.  Also some of the things that won't change because you change your title. -

6 Things Every Podcaster Should Know About Podcasting – PHD119
March 21, 2019

For those that do not know me, I’ve been podcasting since 2005 and made every single mistake in the book. I’ve also worked in support for a podcast company for 10 years (as of next month).  I think I might know what I’m talking about,

Apple Backs Down on Episode Numbers in Episode Titles – PHD118
March 01, 2019

Apple seems to have backed down on Episode Numbers in Episode Titles.  Here is a partial quote from the email they sent out... We’ve received a lot of questions about metadata best practices on Apple Podcasts.

The End of Episode Numbers in Apple Podcasts? – PHD117
February 28, 2019

Apple sent a letter to podcasters today (It was a bulk email NOT just to you). The big takeaway is that you need to remove episode numbers from your titles. I have a way of doing that and keeping them in your blog titles (as you can see above) and Keep...

Bad Podcast Advice? Not one size fits all – PHD116
February 24, 2019

Is all Podcast advice applicable to your goals in podcasting?  Be careful about who you are getting your advice from. Do they have an agenda? (most do) Do they match YOUR goals in podcasting?    Not everyone wants advertisers.