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Pete Orta's Sermons

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Romans: Rewritten
October 14, 2019

There is a difference in data dumping theology into your brain and the Holy Spirit changing the way your brain works entirely. At one time we were of the flesh, hostile towards God, but now we are led by the Spirit to a cross that leads to a crown,

Romans: Family Trust
October 06, 2019

Romans 8:1-6 shares who are the beneficiaries to receive the rewards that were gained by works of Christ Jesus. So listen in to hear the terms & conditions that every beneficiaries should know about the two contracts we are held to,

Romans: Uncaged
September 30, 2019

The close of Romans chapter 7, verses 21-25 specifically, begins to shift our focus from our sinful nature to embracing our righteousness. This is intended to pull us out of captivity and wake up our institutionalized minds.

Romans: Soliloquy
September 22, 2019

The Apostle Paul's soliloquy in Romans 7:13-20 is one of the most beautiful struggles in biblical history. Enjoy!

Romans: Collision
September 15, 2019

After looking at God's laws of physics, Romans 7:7-12 forces us to ask ourselves the question as to why His spiritual laws are more difficult for us to except compared to the other laws He has set in place for our good and His glory.

Romans: Till Death Do Us Part
September 08, 2019

This sermon from Romans 7:1-6 releases the tension between us having to be obedient to the law while remaining free from the law. It all comes down to understanding one keyword, commitment. Enjoy.

XIII Strikes
September 01, 2019

I removed the pulpit this Sunday from the stage and decided to pull up a chair and do a live podcast in front of my congregation to raise this one question, "What should our discipleship process look like?" I thought it would benefit us all to use 13 f...

Romans: Life In Christ
August 25, 2019

Romans 6:19-23 contains an opportunity to examine our sanctification process.

Romans: Cast
August 18, 2019

Today, we are seeing more and more people fall away from the faith—pastors, worship leaders, and authors who the church now is calling apostates. Those who once were strong pillars of the faith who now denounce what they once believed.

Romans: Paper Tiger
August 12, 2019

When Paul penned Romans 6:12-14 he gave us an opportunity to investigate how sin once reigned in our mortal bodies. And although every Christian falls short of the glory of God, nothing should ever place us in the position to be dominated by any partic...