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Personal Style Institute

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Things to remember when you go into the fitting room
January 15, 2016

Stop being so mean to yourself while trying on clothes. Learn a new way to speak about your body.

Is your wardrobe keeping you from promotion?
December 02, 2015

Research shows that it only takes 3 seconds to make a first impression. Showing those pearly whites can make a difference in the way you are perceived in a business situation. I would add, however, that your wardrobe and the you way you present...

Styling the Perfect Head Shot
December 01, 2015

You have 3 seconds to make the right impression, even less when a potential employer or client is doing their due diligence on your background. Make sure that who you are in person matches who you are online. Learn how to make sure people are seeing...

InStyle/Clinique #StartBetter Beauty event with Tai Beauchamp
December 01, 2015

Check out my interview with InStyle beauty and style expert, Tai Beauchamp on her current beauty regimen and how to maintain amazing skin in all environments.

Tattoos in the workplace or nah???
October 09, 2015

When is it appropriate to show your body art

Your Life in Style Series: Branding Your Life
August 31, 2015

What do people say about you when you