Personal Flashpaper: An Infinity Podcast

Personal Flashpaper: An Infinity Podcast

Latest Episodes

A Giraffe in a Bar
June 14, 2021

On this Episode the guys talk about current threads on various social media threads...and then a Giraffe is in a bar

May 17, 2021

On this episode the fellas sit down to talk about the first in person tournament at TableTop Game and Hobby/Cardboard Corner Cafe's awesome remodeled game room and Terrain and Terrain effects in the game of Infinity....

The Weight of Dice-ish
May 03, 2021

On this episode of the Personal Flash Paper cast we find out the results of Randy throwing down the gauntlet of the "Battle of Baby Seals"   Also there is a fund raiser for, Bryan Bledsoe, a local Pillar of the KC gaming community that has hit a rough sp.

Selling Out the Hobby
April 19, 2021

On this episode the fellas talk about the hobby, commission painting and a Baby Seal is spotted....

RPG: What Lurks Beyond the Abandoned Base
April 14, 2021

In this episode the party ventures deeper into the plot of the Abandoned Base...

RPG: The Abandoned Base.
March 03, 2021

The group finds themselves on approach to an Abandoned base

RPG: And, Away We Go!!!!
February 24, 2021

In this episode of the RPG the group gets underway with the meeting.....   Tune in and listen as the world of Infinity is played out....

Almost Frozen in Carbonite
February 22, 2021

Randy, Rob and Ryan are back at their home mics and studios because the weather in the Kansas City area has been no joke!!!   Even though it has taken us a bit to record, before the 12 day straight arctic blast put a bull's eye on top of KC, we were able.

Fun and Games in the Flesh
February 01, 2021

On this Episode Randy basks in the Glory of the Unthinkable.....The talk of real world tactics and translation to the table top occur... And our normal hijinks while we record in the SciFi Room of Table Top Game and Hobby's game room...our beloved sponso.

RPG: The Time of Character Creation
January 20, 2021

On this Episode Max and Randy are joined by a band of intrepid listeners...and start rolling up some characters and get ready to embark on a great space odyssey!!!   Visit our sponsor Table Top Game and Hobby at their online store here!!! https://shop.ta.