Latest Episodes

TV Guide Jan 3 1987: Murder, She Wrote, 80s TV, and the Final Episode
November 09, 2016

Scott is joined in the finale by Jennifer Matotek and Robert Saunders to talk about trails of bodies, what Jessica Fletcher's Facebook profile must look like, what sort of man her husband used to be, other 80s TV, and the role of TV in the growth of a...

Sports Illustrated Oct 25 1954: Hunting, Urban Planning, and the Cold War
October 24, 2016

Scott's joined by Dale Wells and David Lahti to discuss crazy human stunts, the noble side of football, how bowling can get its groove back, squirrel suits, a Russian approach to competition, and the fall of the pin boy.

Reader's Digest October 2004: Murder, Dad Jokes, and Trump
October 11, 2016

Scott is joined by Melanie Cassidy, Karen Hainstock, and Doug Sheppard to discuss Lynn Johnston's For Better or for Worse, the best way to push family members off a cliff, getting rich off unfunny jokes, the drugged out metropolis of Cape Breton,...

Nintendo Power March 1992: Digital Ethics, Grown-up Gamers, and Mario
September 27, 2016

Scott's joined by Ian Warren, Maddox Campbell, and Kyle Scott to talk about renting consoles, the worst games we've ever played, why Mario remains relevant, whether you should feel bad when killing a computer character, sex in games, the biggest time...

Harper's Weekly Jan 2 1858: Slavery, Civil War, and Social Media Bubbles
September 13, 2016

Scott is joined by Eric Miinch and Colin Munch to talk about submarines, ugly landladies, Fox News, the president of the Confederacy, William Walker's claims on foreign territory, gamers, and standing around in your own urine.

Maclean's Magazine: Pierre Trudeau, Bilingualism, Smoking and Michael Jackson
August 30, 2016

Scott's joined by Yitzi Gal and Chris Wakelin, our political guru, to discuss the previous Trudeau administration, smoking with a nonagenarian, forgetting languages, leadership abs, and everything you needed to know about 80s Canada.

Seventeen Magazine March 1977: Prom, Red Onions, and Fat Camp
August 15, 2016

Scott returns from an unexpected studio-dog-related hiatus to talk with Meagan McConnell and Peter Stelmach about adoption, anxiety, frilly cuffs, making your own prom dress, Mariel Hemingway, and spaghetti pie.

The Gentleman's Magazine January 1731: Doctors, Witches, and Pornography
July 25, 2016

Scott's joined by Jameson Kraemer and Cameron Algie to go back into the first publication to use the name "magazine," where we find tales of murder, the original Dan Savage, the brutal early days of medicine, The Dollop, weird executions, and how to...

TV Zone 78 May 1996: Doctor Who, Star Trek Voyager and the X-Files
July 11, 2016

Scott is joined by Kyle Scott and the infinitely forgettable Ian Warren to talk about the '96 American Doctor Who movie, glycerin tears, what Rose did right, Janeway's changing hairstyles, Mr. Bland, a pregnant Fox Mulder, and Patrick Rothfuss' deep...

People November 12 2012: Mom Jeans, Blake and Miranda, and Spree Killing
July 04, 2016

Scott's joined by Kimbo Wells and Antonis Varkaris to talk about celebs, lady superheroes, dating for the apocalypse, murderous nannies, the Beltway Sniper, Australia's approach to gun control, executions, and Obama vs. Romney.