Penang Hokkien Podcast 庇能福建

Penang Hokkien Podcast 庇能福建

Latest Episodes

PGHK #891 Pài-kuí 拜鬼
August 14, 2022

We discussed the festivities and traditions of Hungry Ghost Festival that happens for the whole month of Lunar 7th month.

PGHK #890 Pó-tshia 100 huānn 寶車 100 扞
August 07, 2022

Learn more about how and why the Porsche Owners Group Malaysia was formed by Linpeh – a PGHK guest a long time ago. Also find out more about the 100 Porsche drive convoy from KL to Penang on August 13

PGHK #889 Hiam-tsio-huan-tsio 薟椒番椒
July 31, 2022

Do you like things hot and spicy? We do! And we discussed all types of chilies and their usage.

PGHK #888 Khòng-khòng-lông 〇〇囊
July 24, 2022

This week we spent almost 2 hours talking about condoms of various kinds. It was very educational for me and at the same time super funny and entertaining.

PGHK #887 Āu-bué-lōo 後尾路
July 17, 2022

We shared stories of what happened in the back alleys and lanes of our houses. Come check out all the fun, mysterious, and interesting stories from our guests.

PGHK #886 Khioh-âng-pau-tshuā-kuí-bóo 擷紅包娶鬼姥
July 10, 2022

Our guests shared their supernatural encounters at work, home, B&B rentals, a restaurant, a royal palace in Kuala Kangsar, and more!

PGHK #885 Tshù-lāi-te̍k-pia̍t-uā 厝內特別話
July 03, 2022

Today we explored words that are unique to your own family's vocabularies. Come learn some new words and revisit some old ones you havent' used for a while.

PGHK #884 Bāng-ga-gue̍h 2 望哿月 2
June 26, 2022

We are back with our #lgbtqia #PGHK guests to celebrate Pride Month! We shared our struggles and triumphs living authentically as ourselves. This is part 2 of a two-part series. If you missed the firs

PGHK #883 Bāng-ga-gue̍h 1 望哿月 1
June 19, 2022

To celebrate our Pride Month this year, we highlighted our own #PGHK #lgbtqia family! This is the first part of the two-part series.

PGHK #882 Kée-tshuī-khí 假喙齒
June 12, 2022

We discussed all things false teeth. This includes dentures, crowns, veneers, and implants.