Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort

Smart Sex, Smart Love with Dr Joe Kort

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Martha Kauppi on Successful Polyamory
June 25, 2021

Can a polyamorous relationship work? Is monogamy the only relationship that can succeed? According to Certified Sex Therapist Martha Kauppi, beautifully functioning open relationships can and do work! Polyamory involves engaging in multiple romantic or se

Sarah Scales on love, marriage, and identity with a transitioning partner.
June 16, 2021

In hopes of helping other couples publicly transition easier, Sarah Scales, a licensed master social worker with The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health in Royal Oak, Michigan, shares her story as a pansexual woman married to a trans female.“I came

Dr. Evan Goldstein on developing the Future Method product line for safer bottoming
June 13, 2021

*** USE promo code DRKORT1 for 15% off through July 14th at ***Most people don’t know they should bring science into the bedroom before having sex. That’s why nationally renowned Anal Surgeon Evan Goldstein, DO, founded The Future

Dr. Evan Goldstein on issues that can result from bottoming —a physician's perspective.
June 13, 2021

Everybody is talking about anal sex … but are they really talking about it? During a Smart Sex, Smart Love podcast, Evan Goldstein, DO, a nationally renowned anal surgeon, talks candidly about anal sex, and how to do it successfully and experience a new h

John Ball and Lisa Goyette on how businesses can create a more authentic and empathetic workplace
June 07, 2021

Let’s take a moment to relive those days as children on the playground. Were you bullied, teased, or ridiculed? You probably remember some of those experiences like they happened yesterday. Years ago, you built walls of protection and silos of safety to m

Lucie Fielding on sexual excitement and exploration
May 31, 2021

Unfortunately, we live in a world of either/or, with us or against us, conservative or liberal, for gay rights or against gay rights. In a Smart Sex Smart Love podcast, Lucie Fielding, sex educator, writer and therapist, challenges binary in every way. Ca

Galen Fous on the collision of fear, shame and trauma with sexual development and desire
May 24, 2021

There is an epidemic … people leading secret lives. It causes psychological and relationship mayhem. Your innate sexuality is your birth right, however, few claim it. In fact, many struggle most of their life searching for their authentic self instead of

Darcia Miller on why it is difficult for African Americans to seek mental health services
May 16, 2021

It remains taboo in the black community to seek mental health services. It feels unsafe, it is intimidating, and it is not the place to air your dirty laundry. These beliefs need to change, says Darcia Miller, a licensed master social worker with The Cent

Tylia Flores on Dating and Cerebral Palsy
May 10, 2021

“For each rejection, I’m a better, stronger person.”Tylia Flores, disability activist and advocate, was born with Cerebral Palsy. Although her condition has affected her mobility, it never has altered her determination to make a difference in the world. T

Dr. Laurie Betito on Sexual wellness
May 02, 2021

Why don’t we talk about sexual pleasure? Why are teenage boys taking Viagra?How can older adults continue to enjoy sex?At the Pornhub Wellness Center, these questions – and dozens more – are discussed honestly and openly and backed by evidence-based facts