Innovation Calling

Innovation Calling

Driving a Dynamic Career in Technology & Leadership

May 28, 2020

When it comes to technology, it honestly doesn't matter what industry you're in, technology is a life thread to the company. In order to build something great, you have to be able to embrace and be agile in technology. We had the honor of sitting down with Gerry Mecca, CIO of DATASCAN, and former VP of IT at Keurig Dr. Pepper to discuss how important it is for organizations to learn how to take chances and be comfortable failing forward in the world of technology.

We also discussed how our work methods will change in the wake of COVID-19, and how working remotely will be adapted by a huge part of the workforce. Plus are we seeing the death of email as we know it?

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6:24 - Getting inside the mind of Gerry Mecca and understanding his straight shooter leadership style

9:24 - When Gerry started to break out from a technical role to taking on a role that put him on the path to the C-Suite

10:56 - When it comes to passion and getting excited about a job, is that something that we can learn or is just an innate quality? Plus what's one small thing you can do that can accelerate your career path.

13:04 - When it comes to technology, leaders many times don’t cultivate a culture of being okay with failure. How as a technology leader can you encourage that and build a team that’s focused on innovating vs. not failing?

20:14 - The story of RFID and when Gerry watched peers jump into technology that wasn’t quite necessary (or were still testing out)

22:46 - The importance of technology in any company, even if they’re technically not a technology company (and how Dr. Pepper took risks)

24:55 - How will COVID impact technology teams within companies and the way we work and communicate with each other?

28:40 - How much should we be advocating for remote work, and how will roles be impacted by this new shift?

32:45 - Does working remotely impact the ability to be promoted?

35:00 - Is email as a communication method dying, and what should we be looking at instead?

39:45 - Where does the business environment go in the next five years?