Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Episode 24: MSPs that niche their marketing, sell more

May 05, 2020

In this week's episode

It's natural to baulk at the idea of turning away perfectly good clients, but specialising in a market niche doesn't mean you need limit your options. Join Paul as he explains how you can still maintain a broad range of clients whilst boosting your business by marketing within a specific niche
Not only will we be looking at the traffic that you drive to your website and how to improve your conversion rate, but Paul also answers a brilliant question from a listener about the best kind of 'call to action' to put on your MSP website
Plus a special guest joining Paul to to explain how you could boost your monthly recurring revenue by selling a whitelist antivirus solution, rather than a traditional blacklisting one. It's called PC Matic and we find out how their whitelisting process means it's all ready to re-sell

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