Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Episode 16: Why clients stick with their MSP, even if they're unhappy

March 03, 2020

In this week's episode

It's massively frustrating for a promising new deal to evaporate because the client has decided to stay with their incumbent MSP, but it happens all too often. Understanding why this happens is the key to overcoming the issue and Paul has some fantastic insight and advice
It may not be great for your waistline (!) but Paul also explains why making regular bookings for the best placed table in your favourite local restaurant could make the world of difference to your MSP's net profit
Also in this week's show, a listener asks if physical direct mail has a place in the modern world. And Glenn Robertson from Purechannels is back with an update on the millions of pounds of free marketing money that you could be tapping into

Show notes

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Paul's returning guest talking about unspent MDF