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Passion Business Podcast – Episode 35: Lafaya Mitchell – The Lafaya Way – Healing Tough Relationships
September 23, 2020

My guest for this episode is Lafaya Mitchell. She has over twenty years experience providing culturally sensitive care to “difficult to treat populations.” “The Lafaya Way” is an advanced relational approach building bridges for effective interactions ...

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 34: Rennie Gabriel – Wealth on Any Income
September 13, 2020

My guest today is a TEDx speaker and he's the author of the award winning best selling book wealth on any income After two divorces and at business failure he was flat broke at the age of 50 and started all over from scratch After learning what was not...

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 33: Julie Foucht – The Art of Feminine Marketing
July 16, 2020

My guest today is a coach and author based in California. She works with coaches, healers, mystics, other spiritually based feminine entrepreneurs, teaching them the art of feminine marketing. And she's just released her book "Love Based Feminine Ma...

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 32: Danny Iny – Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Business
May 10, 2020

My guest today is Danny Iny, a leading voice in the world of online courses. He has been featured or contributed to numerous publications including the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and Business Insider,

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 31: Therese Skelly – Business Mindset Mastery for Women
March 04, 2020

My guest today is what you'd call an "accidential entrepreneur". After a 30 year career in psychotherapy and counselling, and a huge wave of grief she now, in her own words, blends mindset, intuition and energy tools to help mission-driven women make m...

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 30: Phillip Gibbs – Founder of The Referral Method™
February 18, 2020

My guest: Phillip Gibbs, a world-renowned business strategist who helps online entrepreneurs increase sales through building a collaborative referral network. He is, in his own words, a marketing geek, motorsport nut, sales nerd,

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 29: Mayda Poc – From Wall Street to International Life and Career Coach
February 01, 2020

My guest for this episode is an International Life and Career Coach for Executives in Finance, Law Firms and fast-paced industries, based in New York. After more than 15 years in Investment banking, working in Paris, London and New York City,

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 28: Nelson Toriano – Financial Literacy for Personal Trainers
January 30, 2020

My guest is a  San Francisco based Personal Trainer with a business background who helps other personal trainers make sense of the numbers by explaining financial concepts using fitness vocabulary. And he's the author of "For the Fit but Poor Personal...

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 27: Jacquie Forde – Unashamedly Human
January 20, 2020

My guest today is, in her own words, a woman with 3 beautiful daughters, a wonderful husband, a great life and just this expectation of NOTHING. She's a coach and mentor on a mission to help people understand the human experience.

Passion Business Podcast – Episode 26: Kim Willis – On the Other Side of Fear
January 06, 2020

My guest today has been an internet marketer since 2006. His focus these days is on helping people grow their businesses by using social media to build a community, because in order to sell your products you need to have people to sell them to.