Particle WA Podcast

Particle WA Podcast

Firsthand Experience Of Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans

October 22, 2018

Julia Reisser is an oceanographer who has spent her life researching plastics. She has over 15 years’ experience travelling the world and witnessing firsthand the impacts of plastic pollution on our ocean.

From dead Sea turtles washing up on the beaches of Brazil to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Julia’s seen the damage plastic can do. It’s driven her work with the Ocean Cleanup Project, and it’s why she’s now looking into micro-plastic movement and the effect of plastics on sea turtles at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Julia joins us on the Particle Podcast to provide a unique insight into the impact of marine plastics on our oceans—and what we can do to make a difference. Even if it’s something as simple as picking up some cool shades made from recycled ocean plastic from Sea2See.

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