Part-Time Characters

Part-Time Characters

Holiday Episode: Outtakes and Bloopers

December 31, 2017

It is the end of 2017. It is time for fresh starts and welcoming 2018 with open arms. But before we could do that, Part-Time Characters wanted to take a trip down memory lane. This week's episode is a special holiday treat where our listeners get to hear all of the mistakes we make before the final edit is done.

The episode includes all the outtakes and laughs we had throughout 2017. You will hear all of Sam's sketch ideas for Gandalf the Wizard, Adonis's attempt to roast a meat and Bridget's Long Island and New Jersey accents.

There will also be some uncensored cursing brought on by frutrating video games, loud neighbors and mosquitoes.

We hope you enjoy our last episode of the year and you laugh as much as we did when we weren't 'on'. Happy New Year to all of you, Part-Timers!